Dottie Stanley, Fine Art
Dottie Stanley, Fine Art

Artist’s Statement

I always love to paint dramatic lights and shadows, much like the work of Edward Hopper. My pallet consists of cobalt blue, cadmium red, yellow ochre, sienna, ultramarine, alizarin and others. I strive to achieve an atmospheric quality in my work through the use of silver-lavender hues.


My work sometimes tends to have a lonely, forlorn quality. I concentrate on an attitude, a confrontational message to the viewer, or some other nuance that establishes an inner loneliness. Throughout my continuing evolution as an artist I have completed art -- including commissioned works -- which is exhibited internationally.


The remarks of one art reviewer provide an accurate portrayal of my objectives. “Dottie Stanley finds beauty in the everyday scenes that most of us take for granted. In her paintings of individuals and groups of individuals, she is able to convey their entire history in their expressions. The compositions and settings are rich with narrative possibilities. The viewer can spend days thinking of how the subject got where he or she is and what will happen next. One gets a sense that these are real people whom we might see in our neighborhood.  The reality:  they are.


“This ability is especially effective in her portrayals of the homeless. These sensitive paintings portray the homeless as individuals [in our society]. Like all of her paintings, these pieces are without judgment or romanticism, but she reveals a dignity that is denied this sector of society.


“[Her] landscapes have a similar impact, but on a different level. Her paintings of old buildings are technically excellent. Her sense of light, shadow, and color are so developed that one is not sure where the image ends and the frame begins. But once again a feel for the history not only for the building but for the area is conveyed. It feels as if we know these places.”


To learn more or contact Dottie:


The best way to reach me, or my business manager, David Stanley, is by email. Either of us will be happy to discuss a particular painting, pricing, or commissioned art.


Please visit this web site again soon as new examples of art and information about events are posted regularly. And please come to my exhibits which you will find listed in the Events block on the home page. Use the email link on any page or this one


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